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    Huntsville is one of Top 10 real estate markets to watch in 2023

    By Amanda Howard | December 15, 2022

    The National Association of Realtors® named Huntsville a Top 10 real estate market to watch in 2023. Rocket City made the list based on factors including affordability, job and population growth, “information industry” jobs with companies such as Google and Facebook, shares of workers teleworking, and more. Earlier this year, the city of Huntsville also... Read More

    What is An Assumable Mortgage?

    By Amanda Howard | December 1, 2022

    So, what does it mean for a mortgage to be assumable? An assumable mortgage provides a buyer with an opportunity to purchase a home by taking over the seller’s mortgage loan. A buyer can purchase a home with an assumable mortgage to take advantage of financing with a lower interest rate. What loan types can... Read More

    2022 Third Quarter Market Report

    By Amanda Howard | November 9, 2022

    In the third quarter of 2022 home prices continued to increase with 38% of homes in Q3 selling above average list price. Madison County’s population now exceeds 400,000 and the workforce in September totaled 196,420, an increase of 4,200 from 2021. The inventory of homes rose 95 percent to 1,496 at the end of September,... Read More

    Glamping in Huntsville

    By Amanda Howard | October 28, 2022

    Glamping in Huntsville? Yes, please! Did you know that there is a rustic retreat nestled on the outskirts of Rocket City? If not, let us introduce you to Selah’s Acres. The luxury camping resort is a family endeavor, and is a great place to get you and your family outdoors while engaging and relaxing in... Read More

    The Waiting Game: Now or Later?

    By Amanda Howard | October 24, 2022

    Is now a good time to sell a home? It might be tempting to delay, but real estate experts say now is a good time to sell. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the national median price for existing homes sold in August was $389,500, up 7.7 percent from the same month in... Read More

    Enhance Your Property to Sell FAST!

    By Amanda Howard | September 13, 2022

    If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market, then this is an excellent opportunity to maximize the sale price with some improvements. If prospective buyers can envision themselves at home in your property, you’ve won half the battle. Knowing what buyers value is essential to getting a higher ROI from your property upgrades,... Read More

    Does This Beautiful Home Have Termites?

    By Amanda Howard | September 13, 2022

    Subterranean termites are insects that feed on wood.  No matter the siding, all homes have wood within their structures.  There are two types of termites commonly encountered by homeowners: the Worker and the Swarmer. Worker termites are very small, around 3mm in size. They are typically only seen when a mud foraging tube is broken,... Read More

    Alabama, The Beautiful Homes and the Ugly Truth about Termites

    By Amanda Howard | July 25, 2022

    Many people who are natives of Alabama are well apprised to the threat Termites pose to their home.  But not everyone.  And certainly not people who are moving to the southeast from other parts of the country.  Huntsville is booming and Mr. Buggs Pest Patrol is sharing with new home owners and their realtors everything... Read More

    Inside the Changing Market: Benefits for YOU!

    By Amanda Howard | July 25, 2022

    I’ve heard it over and over again the last two years from home owners. “There’s so little on the marketplace to choose from that I have no place to go even if I wanted to sell my home. If I could find my next home I would put my home on the market today!” Whether... Read More

    Inside Scoop: Amanda sits down with TVG Hospitality

    By Amanda Howard | July 13, 2022

    Amanda meets with Victoria Jones to discuss the future plans of Orion Amphitheater and other properties they are opening this year! Click the link below to watch the full interview. Read More


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