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A Guide to Madison, Alabama Real Estate

Madison is a large city in the heart of Alabama. It is a part of the Huntsville Metro Area. For those who are considering moving into the community, you’ll find that it remains rather small in terms of its overall feel. You sense as though you are living in a small town, not one that is home to nearly 39,000 people. Despite its small-town appeal, Madison is one of the fastest growing communities in this region. It also has one of the highest per capita incomes. For this reason, the real estate options here range widely. Choose from historic homes to modern, or even new construction.

135 Hatley Lane Madison, AL 35756
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Explore the Opportunities in Madison

In Madison, one of the biggest factors you will notice is that this is a family friendly community. It has ample playground and park access. Many of the schools are located within the residential neighborhoods here. And, you are right in the Rainbow Mountain Preserve and Indian Creek Greenway, giving you ample access to the local outdoor amenities here. Walking trails, fantastic sports programs, and excellent access to community programs help make this location ideal.

When it comes to real estate in Madison, expect to find everything here. There are some smaller homes, including some that date back to the mid-1950’s. You will also find new developments and large, two story homes with 2,000 to 3,000 square feet of space. Most of the homes are single family properties. Some condo developments and multi-family properties exist here, though. With a wide range of opportunity available to you, you are sure to fall in love with all Madison has to offer.

Madison is an up and coming community with an increasing demand for quality real estate. For that reason, it pays to work closely with an experienced and local real estate agent to ensure you have the opportunity to buy the home of your dreams in Madison. Check out these Madison homes for sale to get started.

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