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8 Ways to Choose the Right Floor Plan

Buying a home in Huntsville is an exciting adventure. We often comb through the amenities and consider the neighborhood’s atmosphere, but one aspect we often overlook is the floor plan. With such a simple design, we don’t consciously think of its impact on our style of living. To help you match the right floor plan to your dreams, here are some tips on choosing the right one:

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1. Determine a floor plan to match you and your family’s lifestyle.

Consider some of the following tips for choosing the right floor plans:

  • do you have elderly parents or disabled family members who need easy access from room to room and/or a ramp
  • do you entertain a lot so that you need formal dining areas
  • do you need a home office
  • how large is your family and what are their ages and needs

Families require different needs and choosing the right floor plan is predicated on their dominant needs. These can include single family units with bedrooms on the first floor, a finished basement, or an extra room for special needs.

2. Choose a floor plan that grow’s with your family or individual needs.

Anticipating what will happen in the future and factoring this into your floor plan designs, will allow homeowner’s to remain in their homes longer. Do you anticipate having children or will they be leaving for college? Families buying Huntsville homes are drawn to the flexibility of first-floor family rooms next to the garage, which can be re-purposed or opened up for extra space.

3. Feel free to drive around Huntsville and view some of the local floor plans.

Take note of the neighborhood architectural designs which you are drawn to. This will help you find your personal floor plan style. Huntsville sponsors annual open houses, which makes a perfect situation for touring and finding ideas for your home.

4. Save on utility costs with the right floor plan styles.

Pre-planning with environmentally friendly options will provide long term enjoyment and help keep homeowner’s on budget:

  • choose windows that receive the greater amount of sunlight
  • use paints that don’t contain harmful chemicals
  • consider if your home is suitable for solar panels depending upon the slope of the roof
  • build using recycled materials
  • incorporate smart appliances and systems in your floor plans.

5. 3-D Floor plans

Today’s 2-D or 3-D technology offers homeowner’s the ability to visualize their possible floor plans with interactive software. With these tools, you can create and recreate floor plans for every room you need.

6. Consult with Professionals, like Builders

Describe the floor plan features that you envision in your home with a Huntsville professional builder, designer, or contractor. They have the experience of working with realty properties in the communities of Huntsville. Using a professional will save you time, stress, and money, which will produce your floor plan realities.

7. Do I Need An Open Floor Plan?

Huntsville’s most recent homes have been designed with open floor plans, which is great for a more flexible and fluid lifestyle. Families are enjoying less formal internal rooms, preferring to have rooms flow into one another, including outdoor living areas. Dining areas now feature a breakfast nook near an island kitchen. Busy families love this informal floor plan because it offers a sense of freedom in traffic patterns.

8. Free Your Mind

Choose the floor plan that is a true reflection of your personal preferences and meets your needs. Don’t let others dictate your floor plan styles. Be yourself. You know better than anyone what floor plan designs are best suited for daily living.

Finding the Right Huntsville Home

If you’d like more information about different floor plans in Huntsville and where you can find the dream house you’ve been looking for, contact us today!

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