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8 House Hunting Mistakes You Should Avoid in Huntsville, AL

Searching for a new home in Huntsville is often thought to be the easiest part. Touring around homes can be exhausting, but it’s all too common for home buyers to make simple mistakes that will leave them without the home they wanted. As a local real estate agent who sees these things happen day after day, here are some home buying mistakes you should avoid when looking to snatch your dream house:

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1. Viewing Homes not in your Price Range

View homes that are within your price range starting at the lower end. You can get emotionally involved with a home you cannot afford. This will only create disappointment when looking at homes you can afford.

2. Assuming you Won’t find Anything Better

You will probably see several homes with identical floor plans, the only difference being the amenities that are included. Chances are you will find what you need. If the seller is not flexible on the price or possession date, or the home needs too many repairs, continue looking. Huntsville benefits from new construction initiatives, such as Valor Communities, that regularly put out custom built homes on the market.

3. Don’t be Desperate

Desperation can cause you to buy a home you are not happy with and cost you more money. The costs of selling the home you’re not satisfied with and moving into another one can be quite high. Give yourself ample time to find a new home.

4. Do not Overlook Important Flaws

It can be tempting to overlook major issues if any of the three previous mistakes have been made. Avoid homes with these issues, unless the homeowner is willing to fix it themselves. Otherwise, keep searching. Like before, Huntsville has plenty of new homes entering the market every month.

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5. Don’t Underestimate the Difficulty of Repairs

Some repairs may be harder to make than you think. If you buy a house that needs major repairs, then find that you are unable to make them, the cost of wasted materials and the labor of a professional can be twice as much. Carefully consider your budget and abilities before deciding on a fixer-upper.

Huntsville Home Buying Desperation
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6. Hurrying to Make an Offer

Give yourself at least 24 hours before you make an offer on a home you think you may like. Taking time to consider issues you may have with the neighborhood is always a good idea. If you still feel that the home is right for you in the morning, make an offer.

7. Deciding too Slow

Make the right decision, but don’t wait too long. Deciding you want to make a bid on a house that has been sold can create an emotional roller coaster ride and cost money due to missed work. Be sure to balance your time wisely.

8. Making too High an Offer

The competition of others wanting the same house can tempt you to make a higher bid. Be sure the house is worth as much as, or more than, your offer. Any amount over the appraisal will have to come out of your pocket and when you sell it, unless the market has improved, you could end up losing more money.

Finding the Right Home in Huntsville, AL

Avoiding these eight mistakes can make the home buying process less emotional and much more pleasant. Some emotion is inevitable, but relaxing and making rational decisions will help you avoid a purchase you will regret later. To find the right home for you, search our available home listings in Huntsville:

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