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7 Things to Do Before You Move In

Moving into a new home can be one of the most exciting and hectic times. We have seven different tips to make your new home safe and cost efficient.

When you first get the keys, before you move anything in, spray for pests. A thorough spraying from an exterminator before you move in will save you the hassle of moving all your stuff again later. Your home was inspected for termites, but if none were found, it wasn’t sprayed for them. We suggest you get a bond or treatment warranty. Make sure you are the only occupants of your new property!

The second thing we recommend is changing the locks. Although the seller hands you the keys at closing, often times they may have given a neighbor or family member a key for emergencies. Call up a locksmith to secure your home!

Similar to changing the locks, is reprogramming your garage remotes. Most remotes are easily reprogrammed. There should be a ‘learn’ button. Hold this down until the indicator light blinks. While it is blinking press the other button. This should reprogram; if it doesn’t just call the remote manufacturer to help you.

Lots of trips in out and out, moving furniture and people can create a large concentration of dust. Change your air filters when the moving process is done.

One of the easiest and most inexpensive tips we have is to change the batteries in the fire alarms. When homeowners are getting their home ready to sell, often the alarms are forgotten about. Changing the batteries is simple but can ultimately save your family’s life.

This is a gross one, but change the toilet seat! I don’t think much explanation is needed!

The last tip is to deep clean all the surfaces in your home: countertops, door knows, anything you may grab. When you’re moving you have a lot of people in and out of your home and you want to make sure you aren’t spreading any germs.

These are seven quick and easy tips to help make sure your home is safe! If you have any questions please call 256.799.9000

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