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6 Things Buyers Should Never Say During a Home Tour

As a home buyer, saying the wrong thing during a home inspection can compromise your opportunity to buy the home.

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While it may be tempting to speak your mind while you’re viewing a home, as a home buyer, it’s not always in your best interest. In fact, it might be best just to bite your tongue until you hop back into the car. After all, you never know who’s listening.

Perhaps the seller is home or has a listening device planted somewhere. Perhaps the listing agent is there to let you inside the home. Perhaps (bear with me) the neighbor’s been outside “watering the garden” ever since you arrived. The point is that these parties have a vested interest in the home sale and are curious about what you think and whether you’re considering making an offer.

Saying the wrong thing can not only compromise your negotiations, but it can also come across as insulting to the seller. Here are six things that, as a home buyer, you should never say during a home tour:

  1. “I love it; it’s perfect!”
  2. “That (decor, furniture, paint color, etc.) is awful!”
  3. “This home is overpriced.”
  4. “Why is the seller moving?”
  5. “What are the neighbors like?”
  6. “Will the seller take X price?”

All of these statements can and will be used against you if you utter them out loud, either because they can be deemed offensive, too personal, too revealing, too needy, or just plain judgemental.

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This Week’s Closings:

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  • Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Hutchins
  • Ms. Teresa Stanley
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jim Barta
  • Mr. Jesse Peplow
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Braman
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tim Cason
  • Ms. Maryna Hamby
  • Mr. Terry Wright of The Oasis Group
  • Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hicks
  • Mr. Brian Lazenby
  • Ms. Aimee Lazenby
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Lindberg
  • Mr. Marcus R. Taylor
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Findlay
  • Mr. and Mrs. Billy Hart
  • Mr. Thomas Snow
  • Ms. Martha Kiene
  • Ms. Danielle Locicero
  • Mr. Java D. Mattison
  • Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Bitzer
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Bailey
  • Mr. James Childress
  • Mr. and Mrs. Henry Barcikowski
  • Ms. Theresa J. Dalida
  • Mr. and Mrs. Brian West
  • Mr. Lee P. Elrod
  • Mr. Alvin Hopkins, Sr. of Advance Extrollers, LLC.
  • Ms. Dorssie L. Wagner
  • Mr. Scott Royce
  • Mr. Larry Satterfield
  • Mr. Nick Satterfield

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