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5 Things You Learn When Selling Your Home

Selling a home is a great learning experience. The best way to go through the home selling process is to utilize the experiences of others in order to gain the wealth of knowledge you need to be successful in your adventure. If you are seeking to sell your home in Huntsville, AL you should consider the following past situations that others have learned during the home selling process.

Sell My Huntsville AL Home
by Home Systems & Wendi Zampino

1. Negotiating Tactics

Potential buyers will look for every reason to negotiate your price down. It is almost like a game. You are trying to get the most for your home while they are trying to get it for as less as possible. It would do you good to make all repairs needed in the home. Repairs are the main weapon potential buyers can utilize in the battle of negotiating. Minor repairs can save you major money regarding the sale price of your home.

2. Outrageous Wall Colors Turns Off Buyers

Just because you like certain colors does not mean potential buyers will. When it comes to your wall colors play it safe. Neutral colors work best. You have to remember that you have to treat the home like it is not yours anymore. Give the potential buyers wall colors they can use their imagination with in decorating the home.

3. Throw Away Clutter Means Throw Away Clutter

Do not try to hide clutter in spaces around the home during showings. Because the places you decide to hide the clutter in, people will be looking in those places as well. Remember, people want to know the size of closets and storage areas. So they will take the opportunities to look all throughout the home. Cluttered closets and storage areas are a turnoff to potential buyers. Throw clutter out or put it into moving boxes stored somewhere else!

4. Staging Goes a Long Way with Making An Impression

You do not want to overdo the home with many of your personal belongings. People want a sense of the style of the home without your particular style overriding the home itself. Look in magazines and online websites for general ways to stage your home in order to make it more attractive to potential buyers.

5. Curb Appeal Matters

Many people in the past have made the mistake in thinking that only what’s inside the home truly matters when it comes to impressing potential buyers. They could not have been more wrong. The first thing buyers will see when they come to your property is the outside. For this reason the outside of your home must be kept immaculate. Your grass should be cut, hedges should be trimmed, the ground should be swept, and if there is any peeling paint anywhere- break out the paint brushes. People should be excited as they walk up to your home.

Learning from Others

These are some major lessons that past home sellers have learned in their experience in selling their home. Learn from these experiences as you seek to put your Huntsville property on the market. To learn more information about selling your home, contact us or read our article: I want to sell my home. How do I get started?


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