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5 Reasons to Buy a New Construction Home

There are pros and cons to buying new construction, just as there are with pre-owned homes. Only you and your family can decide what’s right for you. If you have your heart set on living in a specific neighborhood, you might only have existing homes to choose from, but then you’ll most likely get mature landscaping as well, and your decor choices will add your personal stamp to the home.

That being said, there are numerous reasons to consider buying new construction, particularly in today’s just-recovering housing market. Builders throughout the nation, including the new communities being developed in Huntsville, Al are eager to sell homes and looking forward to an increasingly healthy construction climate.

There are five primary reasons to consider new construction, whether you buy a builder “spec” home that is completely finished and move-in ready or you contract to have a home built for you.

New Construction Homes in Huntsville AL

Affordable Costs

Financially, it may be a great deal for you in terms of builder extras, financing options and buying concessions. There may also be fencing, landscaping or appliance options offered at either builder cost or substantial discounts. Some developers even offer buyers unrelated perks such as club memberships.

Energy Efficiency

New construction is greener, more energy-efficient, and code-compliant. These are important to consider when calculating the cost to operate and maintain your home. Energy-efficient windows, higher insulation values in the walls and ceiling, a “tight” building envelope, which means lower heating and cooling costs, energy-efficient appliances and plumbing fixtures, and safer building components all add value.

Warranties and Guarantees

Typically, builders stand behind their products, and everything in them, for at least a one-year period; sometimes longer builder warranties are mandated by developers or governing authorities. In most cases, as well, the extended warranties on all components of the home mean that your living will be worry-free for three to ten years at minimum.

Design and Aesthetics

New homes are designed for good looks as well as for function. Most builders perform admirably when it comes to providing the most for the money. Whatever your price range, you should expect quality materials and lasting value for your dollar. Buying new often means that you have an opportunity to personalize in small or large ways, from colors to room sizes.

Community Amenities

Finally, the neighborhood itself. In a new development, everything is newer, up-to-date, and in working condition. Streets, sewers, signage, wiring for cable and high-speed communication, city services are all important when considering the value of a new home. Community amenities such as clubhouses, parks and playgrounds, and schools are also likely to be modern and up-to-date.

The search for a home is an exciting prospect, one that is worthy of your full attention. You have many options in today’s housing market. Buying new is certainly a good one.

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