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5 Reasons to Buy A Historic Home

Historic homes have a lot to offer and have a rich history that many look to own. While purchasing a historic home may sound like a costly investment, there are many advantages to owning such a distinguished piece of history. 

1. Historic Homes Are Rare

Historic homes are far and few between, especially those in great condition. Most are located close to downtown areas, making them ideal properties for those looking to be close to the city center. For example, Downtown Huntsville has historic homes that have been there since the 1800’s. 

2. Own A Part of History

By buying a historic home you are protecting a piece of history that has been in the community for generations. By owning such a unique property, you will learn more about your city’s past and the stories it has to offer. 

3. Unique Architecture & Design

Go back in time with stunning architectural styles and details that showcase the many classic and unique characteristics of previous generations. Between crown molding, chandeliers, and exquisite craftsmanship, these homes have maintained their charm for decades – and sometimes centuries.

4. Potential for Venue Opportunities

While many historic homes boast unique and charming features, many families want to share the beauty by turning these properties into wedding venues, bed & breakfasts’ and other business ventures. Not only does this provide a business opportunity, but allow the owners to showcase and highlight the property’s history. 

5. Tax Advantages

There are certain tax incentives if you decide to own a historic home or even renovate one. For example, the Alabama Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit is a 25% refundable tax credit available for private homeowners and owners of commercial properties. They must substantially rehabilitate historic properties that are listed in or eligible for the National Register of Historic Places and be 60 years old or older. Not only should this help encourage someone to restore or maintain a historic home, but will help provide some of the costs associated with owning an older home.

Looking for a historic home? Our agents have the expertise and knowledge to find your dream property. Backed by the Sotheby’s Auction House brand, which is the oldest and largest internationally recognized firm of fine art auctioneers in the world, our team has developed an appreciation for history and fine arts related to the home.

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