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5 Principals our agents relentlessly use to remain unrivaled in the industry

Leaders in their field apply similar principles to create a strong foundation for the growth of their business. Amanda Howard Sotheby’s International Realty agents utilize the following best practices combined with the latest technological tools for real estate to the advantage of our clients. 

1- Create a system to stay organized

A single day’s work in real estate requires juggling multiple transactions at different stages. This is in addition to completing various essential tasks, like lead prospecting, answering client emails, reviewing new-to-market listings, or arranging photography for a new listing. These are on top of showing buyers a property, negotiating a contract, and following-up on a transaction’s inspection. 

Without a system to track priorities and communications, something will fall through the cracks. That’s not acceptable when helping people make one of their most important financial decisions.

Amanda Howard Sotheby’s International Realty equips our agents with the communication and tracking tools they need to execute their daily work, like property scheduling with ShowingTime, and an integrated Hub for communications. Our in-house teams assist with masterful marketing, and we provide tools such as CURATE, an app we use to virtually stage homes to demonstrate what homes can look like with different materials and furnishings.

2- Have a plan for personal growth

Mediocrity is not acceptable. Our Amanda Howard Sotheby’s International Realty agents set goals for where they want to be over the short-term and the long-term and track their progress. They’re thinking about the longevity of their careers and the industry. 

We support our agents’ desire to grow and learn. Agents have virtual and live training opportunities on available industry tools and best practices for real estate professionals. New professional development courses open consistently. Additionally, our brokerage matches agents new to the industry with experienced mentors. These partnerships foster growth and communication across the team.

3- Keep innovating

Ray Kurzewell spoke on TedEx about the compounding pace of innovation in our society. Think about where we were ten years ago. Social media advertising was still in its infancy; now it’s a necessity. 

Real estate professionals must keep looking for new ways to engage and assist clients. A prime example is our use of Matterport to capture 360-degree virtual tours of properties. Now we can preview properties on the buyer’s schedule without inconveniencing sellers. 

Another is the use of augmented reality to show our clients the potential spaces have from an interior design standpoint. CURATE shows us how an empty room could look when decorated and arranged in a particular style and if a client could  “live” in that space.

4- Build a foundation

Sotheby’s International Realty was founded in 1976 as an extension of the values of Sotheby’s Auction House. It made a commitment to providing authentic knowledge while innovating in real estate and representing distinctive properties. Today the brand operates in 70 countries and has 1,000 offices, generating $144 billion in sales volume during 2019.

After several years as top sales agent in the southeast, Amanda Howard founded Amanda Howard Sotheby’s International Realty in 2009 as a boutique firm. The commitment was to create a team of elite agents, all highly trained and specialized in community and real estate knowledge.  

The focus on how we can use our real estate knowledge and the latest innovations to serve our Huntsville community has led to America’s Best Real Estate Agents naming us the “#1 Real Estate Team in Alabama” and ranking in “The Thousand” on Real Trends.  

5- Be tireless and tenacious

Moving a real estate transaction from listing to close is tough work. Obstacles will arise, and it’s the real estate agent’s role to craft solutions. That’s why the best real estate agents are tenacious. Finding the right buyer or seller means chasing every possible lead to its end. 

Our work ethic means doing what is necessary to get the job done. By leveraging the latest tools, we work smart while representing our client interests through to the end. We are available early morning and late hours, weekends, and holidays. 

We value all our agents. Their tenacity and commitment to the people in our community is something unmatched. Our brokerage supports their need for innovation and personal development by providing them with resources to grow and support their clients.



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