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3 Myths About Selling Your Home That You Must Know

There are plenty of different myths floating around the real estate market. Here is the truth behind them.

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Some of the things that I hear daily about the real estate market, as well as about buying and selling homes, just make me laugh.

But at the same time, I know that there are some myths about selling your home right now that I just have to bust. Here are the top three that you have to know about:

Myth 1: Homes sell for less money during the holidays.

Reality: Homes do sell during the holiday season! In fact, I can make a very strong argument that the holidays are actually a great time to sell a home. First, because this myth continues to exist, many people do actually wait until spring to list their homes, resulting in less competition. Second, the buyers that are out there are much more motivated and serious, so you spend less time with people who are just looking. And third, everyone is in a better mood, the holiday decor and fireplaces make everyone envision their own happy ideas of home, and it just makes home sales go smoother.

Myth 2: The market is slowing down.

Reality: There is simply no evidence of this in our area. Real estate is locally driven and some areas might be seeing a slowdown because interest rates are rising. That can put downward pressure on prices. However, supply and demand in most areas, especially in Northern Alabama, continues to drive the real estate market upwards. So we’re seeing that homes that are in good condition, are presented and marketed well, and priced properly are still selling quickly and in many cases with multiple offers.

Myth 3: “I will “save money” by using a discount brokerage.”

Reality: When selling your home, the most important number is your net proceeds from the sale, not the brokerage fees or closing costs. This refers to the check that you leave the closing table with. You see, most sellers mistakenly assume that a lower commission will save them money. However, the truth is that commission and closing costs typically only represent a very small amount of your net proceeds. It’s the sales price that drives your dollar! The focus of a successful sale (of course in addition to being handled professionally and quickly) should always be to maximize the net proceeds for you, the seller.

The professionally trained agents at Amanda Howard Sotheby’s International Realty are ready to help you with the sale of your current home, and the purchase of a new home. If you have any questions for us or you’re interested in what kind of deal you could be looking at if you do decide to buy or sell now, give us a call or send us an email today. Let’s make it happen!

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