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  • 2024 Luxury Outlook Report Reveals Affluent Home Seekers Expanding Reaches and Sustainability is Top of Mind

2024 Luxury Outlook Report Reveals Affluent Home Seekers Expanding Reaches and Sustainability is Top of Mind

Amanda Howard Sotheby’s International Realty has released its 2024 Luxury Outlook report, offering a comprehensive analysis of the high-end real estate market. As the residential real estate landscape experiences shift, this report delves into emerging trends, providing insights into the dynamic forces shaping investment decisions in the luxury sector.

Global Market Trends:

After a period of residential real estate fervor, the report indicates that buyers are adapting to a new era of higher interest rates. High-end home seekers are expanding their horizons to more corners of the globe, with Australia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey identified as regions poised for significant growth.

Survey Methodology:

Compiled by surveying Sotheby’s International Realty agents specializing in the US$10M+ price category, the report draws on insights from professionals on the ground. This primary data is complemented by additional input from leading industry experts, including UBS, The Brookings Institution, McKinsey & Company, and property technology firm Kastle Systems. Furthermore, contributions from art and luxury experts at Sotheby’s auction house round out the comprehensive analysis.

Key Findings:

The report highlights key findings that offer a nuanced understanding of the luxury real estate landscape:

  • Robust International Market: Global real estate markets continue to exhibit strength, with policy and regulatory changes closely influencing investment decisions.
  • Mobility of High-Net-Worth Individuals: Affluent individuals are more mobile than ever, maintaining multiple residences and adjusting transaction perspectives due to factors such as higher taxes, government incentives, and climate considerations.
  • Synergy of Real and Cyber Worlds: The real estate industry leverages the synergy between the physical and digital realms to market and sell homes effectively.
  • Impact of Telecommuting and Hybrid Work: The dominance of telecommuting and hybrid work models is reshaping the demands of affluent homebuyers.
  • Sustainability as a Priority: Sustainability has shifted from a niche interest to a top priority for many luxury buyers.
  • Rise in Mortgage Interest Rates: A historic increase in mortgage interest rates is translating into a higher percentage of all-cash deals globally.
  • Strategic Wealth Transfer: Owners are urged to be strategic in minimizing the tax impact of wealth transfer, given the strong appreciation of real estate values and changes in the estate tax exemption.
  • AI Dominance in Real Estate: More than 80% of leading Sotheby’s International Realty agents predict that AI will have the most significant impact on the real estate industry in the next five years, surpassing virtual reality and blockchain.

The 2024 Luxury Outlook report offers a wealth of insights, navigating the complex landscape of high-end real estate. As global markets evolve, the report provides a roadmap for industry professionals, investors, and enthusiasts alike.

Click here to read the full report.

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