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Answers to Home Selling Questions in Huntsville, AL

The home selling process can often be complex and emotionally taxing. There are a ton of variable to consider and plenty of ways to sell your home effectively. To help you get started on the right foot, we’ve answered some of the most common questions we’re asked in Huntsville, AL about selling your home.

What is the home selling process like?

There are several steps involved in selling a home. Those steps include choosing a listing agent, preparing your home for sale, getting your home appraised, marketing, and showing your home. During the closing phases, you’ll receive and negotiating offers, have your home inspected, and sign the title/escrow.

What is the “best” time to sell my house?

Like any business, there are busy and slow seasons in real estate. Spring is the most active time to sell your home as buyers are preparing for their move during the summer. Most of the time, they want to find a new home before the start of the school year. In addition, there is an uptick in activity during the fall (right before the holidays). However, during the winter real estate is at its slowest time. There aren’t many buyers looking to move, but the ones that are will be ready to buy (because of motivational factors like job relocation, etc.)

Should I use a real estate agent to sell my house?

Selling your home with an agent is beneficial because they will save you money in the long run (despite having to pay agent fees). The reason behind this is if you sell on your own, you’ll be handling the costs of trying to find a qualified buyer by yourself and have a hard time marketing the home to all the buyers in the Huntsville area. With an agent, this comes already done. They will list your home on the MLS service, which all real estate agents use. They usually work with pre-qualified buyers, and they provide their years of experience in negotiating offers. Plus, they can offer tips on selling your home effectively.

How much should I list my home for sale?

It depends on how the market is doing. To get and idea of a good price, take an average of all homes similar in size to yours in your area which sold recently. Have your home appraised. Compare the numbers. That should help to give you a marketable price. An agent can help with pricing and the important step of listing your home locally on the MLS.

What is my home worth

How long will it take to sell my house on average?

The time is takes to sell your house depends on a number of factors. Generally, your home’s price, condition, and how the market is fairing are the top factors that determine how long your home may take to sell. Generally, it should take less than 90 days to sell you home if you price it competitively and it is in good condition.

What factors affect the sale of my home?

Several factors affect the sale of your home. The price you’re asking, the area in which it’s located, the condition of the property, the number of interested and prepared buyers, and your willingness to negotiate to get the deal done all play a role. However, the two most important ones are the condition of the property and the price you are asking for it. If the house is in good condition and it is being offered for below market price it should fly off the market no matter what the economy is doing.

What should I do to get my home ready to sell?

First, you should make all minor repairs. Patch any holes or cracks in the walls or floor, fix leaky faucets, replace cracked tiles and blown light bulbs and make sure doors open and close smoothly. You should also re-caulk showers, sinks and tubs, clean and pressure wash the exterior. These things really help homes to sell faster. Adding curb appeal to your front yard can also help sell your home as it sets the “first impression” buyers will receive about your property.

Selling Your Home in Huntsville, AL

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