Amanda Howard Real Estate™ Investment Division

    Welcome to Amanda Howard Real Estate™ Investments

    Want to get involved in real estate investments but think they are only for wealthy investors? Think again!

    Amanda Howard Real Estate™ is proud to present our experienced real estate investment advising department. We created this division to better serve our clients and meet their individual needs when it comes to purchasing and selling investment property.

    How We Assist:Amanda Howard Investments

    • Seek and locate key properties in prime markets
    • Offer options for fast cash or long term cash flow investments
    • Decipher foreclosure and short sale investment options
    • Help find financing, even owner financing if available
    • Help you understand capital gains and how to defer taxes
    • Run numbers to find the “cap rate” for your investment
    • Assist in loan decisions and programs
    • Explain REIT and exchange-traded funds for investment assets
    • Provide property management services when requested


    Whether you are a seasoned investor or new to investing and wanting to get started, we will assist you with every aspect of the transaction to ensure you experience the quality client care you deserve. We are here to benefit you in searching for your next investment property and in turn, sell it for your big return.

    Don’t want to sell?

    We will set you up with the property management company that we have vested and trust for our own investment properties, giving you the confidence in knowing we see the quality there. We use local property management companies frequently and understand the importance of a company who can properly manage your investment.  No matter what your unique situation might be, let us show you how we can increase your return on investments!


    Why Amanda Howard?

    Amanda Howard Real Estate™ is known for its unique and effective marketing approach. We will guide you through the entire process from start to finish. We save you time and money with our initial property research, the negotiation of terms for your acquisition, and finally the positioning of your new found real estate portfolio based off of your goals for quick return flips or long term holds and property management advice.


    Amanda Howard Investment Division

     What to Expect?

     Make sure you know what you are getting into before you start the  investment process.

     Sit down with our experienced Real Estate Investment specialist and inform them of your short and long term goals for your investment portfolio and the level of aggressiveness you desire in which to approach your investments.

    Our qualified investment agents will devise a customized plan based off of your desired outcome. We offer you peace of mind and stress reduction with our strategic plans built on a foundation of our experience and knowledge.


    “Amanda Howard and her team are very professional in all aspects of our dealings. We were looking for a specific investment opportunity and they delivered!” ~ Bradley D.

    Looking for an investment partner?

    Often times people may not want to tackle real estate investments alone, especially the first time.  Finding an investment partner is a great way for people to pool their money together to purchase property and split profits after the sale. This is also helpful to lessen the risk that a single purchaser would assume. As well as can help the aggressive investors acquire properties at a faster rate.


    You’ve Invested….NOW WHAT?Amanda Howard Investment Division

    We don’t just leave you once you’ve purchased your investment. That’s the great thing about our Investment Division! We offer follow-up, contractors, skilled advice and projected plans for the future of your investment.

    Fix Up and Sell?

    It’s always a good idea to have a select group of contractors that you can trust who also perform great work. It’s essential that your property receives quality craftsmanship in order to prevent any liability mishaps. If you do not already have a list, we are happy to provide our continuously updated list of our recommended vendors that we call on daily.


    Investment Terms:

    ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage)

    Absorption Rate

    Capitalization Rate

    Buyer’s Market

    Capital Gains

    Captive Investment Trust

    Owner Financing


    Right of Redemption

    Short Sale


    Capital Gains Tax

    FSBO (For Sale By Owners)




    “It was a great match for us. Jessica helped from the first second to the last. She listened and responded to our needs, wants and wishes. We couldn’t have been more grateful :)! Joel & Dhurata Dobbins”


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