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Korban Christensen

O: 256.799.9000

Korban Christensen, a seasoned professional in the real estate arena, seamlessly transitioned from a successful career in the mortgage industry, where he left an indelible mark with the #1 lender in his home state of Indiana in 2018. In a matter of just a few years, he accumulated hundreds of 5-star reviews and achieved recognition as a Scotsman Guide Top 1% Originator from 2020 to 2022.

Throughout his tenure in the mortgage industry, Korban developed thriving partnerships with agents, investors, and business associates. His collaborative approach consistently resulted in optimal solutions for every deal presented. With a dynamic presence along the south coast of the US, including Arizona, Texas, and Alabama, Korban expanded his professional reach while maintaining a robust platform in his home state.

Having established a second home base in Alabama, Korban made the strategic decision to transition his career into real estate, driven by his genuine passion for being at the forefront of homeownership rather than remaining behind the scenes.

Here are a few noteworthy aspects about Korban:

Passion for Positive Impact: Korban's favorite aspect of the industry lies in making positive connections and providing guidance whenever needed. He states, "I aim to create an overall positive impact with every connection I make in this country, utilizing a platform I happen to excel at."

Global Aspirations: If given the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world, Korban would choose Norway, accompanied by his two daughters, Morgan and Nova, to immerse themselves in the breathtaking views.

Leisure Pursuits: In his leisure time, Korban indulges in activities such as hiking, meditation, attending concerts, and engaging in card games with friends and family.

Korban Christensen
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